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Dell now sells 7 different Ubuntu-powered premium laptops (and an all-in-one desktop)

Dell is one of the few major PC makers that offers high-end laptops with GNU/Linux software as an alternative to Windows. 5 years after the company launched Project Sputnik to gauge interest in a version of the Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu software, Dell now sells 7 different laptop models with Canonical’s popular Linux distribution. […]

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Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu ultrabook gets a price cut, now cheaper than the Windows version

Dell has knocked $100 of the price of its first ultrabook to ship with Ubuntu Linux. Yesterday the company started selling the Dell XPS 13 Laptop, Developer Edition for $1549. But some astute observers noticed that the price was $50 more than Dell was charging for an identical Windows ultrabook. Now you can get the Ubuntu model […]

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Dell to launch an XPS 13 ultrabook with Ubuntu Linux soon

Dell has been running a beta program for an Ubuntu-powered ultrabook since this summer. Now the manager of Project Sputnik says Dell is getting ready to debut a real product based on the experiment. Update: The Dell XPS 13 developer edition is now available… for $1549. The Dell XPS 13 ultrabook is the model that’s […]

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Dell’s to sell Ubuntu ultrabooks this fall, Project Sputnik graduates from beta

Dell plans to start selling a limited number of laptops running Ubuntu Linux this fall. The first will be a Dell XPS 13 ultrabook aimed at developers and running Ubuntu 12.04. For the past few months the company has been running an exploratory project based on the idea. It’s called Project Sputnik, and Dell already […]

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Dell introduces Project Sputnik Beta (XPS 13 ultrabooks with Ubuntu Linux)

Dell’s Project Sputnik is an experiment to develop a Linux-powered laptop aimed at developers. The project is still in its early stages, but Dell and Canonical already offer a version of Ubuntu 12.04 Linux for the company’s XPS 13 ultrabook. Up until now if you’ve wanted to try Linux on the Dell XPS 13, you’ve had […]

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First look at Project Sputnik: Dell XPS 13 ultrabook with Ubuntu Linux

Project Sputnik is a six month experiment Dell is undertaking to design a notebook running open source software aimed at developers. While there’s no Sputnik laptop available for purchase yet, Dell has started by creating a custom build of Ubuntu 12.04 Linux designed to run on the company’s XPS 13 ultrabook. You can download the […]