Microsoft’s next Xbox console cranks it up to 6 teraflops (Project Scorpio)

Microsoft kind of launched its first 4K-ready Xbox game console last summer, but the Xbox One S didn’t actually support 4K games, it was just a modestly updated Xbox One with support for 4K video streaming. Want to play 4K games on an Xbox? You may be able to do that later this year. That’s when […]

Microsoft’s rumored $99 Xbox media streamer allegedly scrapped

Earlier this year a series of leaks suggested that Microsoft was working on a series of new Xbox products including a more powerful version of the Xbox One game console and a set of Xbox-branded media streamers. In June the company did introduce a $299 Xbox One S game console and tease an upcoming high-powered device called […]

Microsoft’s powerful “Project Scorpio” Xbox console coming in 2017

Microsoft’s next Xbox game console is coming this summer, but aside from a slimmer design and support for 4K and HDR content, the Xbox One S isn’t actually all that different from the original Xbox One. But the company does have a much more powerful Xbox in the works. It’s code-named Project Scorpio, and Microsoft […]