Mozilla release Firefox 57 beta (Quantum): It’s 2x faster than Firefox 52

It’s been nearly a year since Mozilla unveiled Project Quantum, a next-gen engine designed to help Firefox better leverage modern hardware for better performance. Now Quantum is getting ready to go mainstream. The next major version of Firefox integrates the new engine, and Mozilla says that means Firefox 57 is twice as fast as Firefox […]

Firefox 53 brings new graphics engine, new themes, new site permission UI

Mozilla has released Firefox 53 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The desktop browser comes with two new themes designed to give more screen real estate to web pages: Compact Light and Compact Dark. The Android version of Firefox has a new Compact Tabs option that lets you see more browser tabs at once by putting […]

Mozilla’s Project Quantum is a next-gen rendering engine for Firefox

The makers of the Firefox web browser have announced a plan to replace the browser’s Gecko rendering engine with a next-gen version called Quantum. The new engine is optimized to take advantage of modern smartphone and PC hardware including multi-core CPUs and powerful graphics cards. The idea is to use parallel processing to do more […]

AMD’s Project Quantum mini PC packs serious graphics

AMD has developed a platform for small form-factor desktop computers with high-performance AMD Radeon graphics. This week the company unveiled a new mini-PC design called Project Quantum, and it packs the chip maker’s upcoming dual-GPU Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card. In other words, Project Quantum should be able to handle 4K video at 60 frames […]