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Google Glass could ship as a consumer product by end of 2013

Google Glass may seem like something out of the future: a wearable computer that snaps photos and videos, lets you chat with people around the globe from anywhere, and provides answers to your questions as well as directions while you walk or drive. But Google is already providing thousands of prototypes to early adopters (for […]

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Google opens another round of Glass wearable computer pre-orders (apply to spend $1500)

Google Glass is a wearable computer which you wear like a pair of glasses. A small transparent display hangs out above your eye and shows you notifications, photos, video chats, and other items. Next to it is a camera which you can use to shoot photos or videos or share anything you’re looking at. Google […]

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Rumor: Google planning to open Google Stores to sell Glass, Chromebooks and more

Google may may be getting ready to take a page out of Apple’s book by opening retail stores to sell devices running Google software. According to 9to5Google the idea came up when when officials were trying to figure out the best way to sell the upcoming Google Glass wearable computer. The idea is that most […]

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DIY video glasses translate languages in real-time (powered by Raspberry Pi)

The folks at Google aren’t the only ones working on head-mounted computers that can do some science-fiction level stuff. A guy named William Powell has been working on his own Project Glass-inspired systems, and this week he unveiled a prototype that can translate speech in real-time. In other words, you can hold a conversation with […]

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Google Glass up for pre-order for $1500 (limited to developers)

Google has announced it will begin shipping a limited number of Google Glass prototypes to developers in early 2013. Today Google co-founder Sergei Brin announced that developers attending this year’s Google I/O conference would be able to pre-order units for $1500. Google Glass is a head-mounted, Android-powered mobile computing device that you wear like a […]

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Google reveals Project Glass, tries to make augmented reality look cool

Bluetooth headsets changed the way many people use cellphones. Instead of holding a brick of metal or plastic up to your ear, you can keep your phone in your pocket while you talk. Now Google is unveiling a project that could bring the same sort of hands-free operating to smartphones, complete with maps, video chat, […]