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Google Fi network adds support for iPhones (and most Android phones)

Google’s Project Fi wireless network is growing up. Started in 2015 as a somewhat experimental service, the network originally supported only a few Google-branded phones. Over the past year, Project Fi has slowly added support for a few more devices… but selection was limited. Today Google is dramatically expanding the list of supported phones. The […]

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Lilbits 334: Google Pixel 3 launch is coming Oct 9th (probably)

With all the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leaks in recent weeks, you’d be excused for thinking we already know everything there is to know about the new phones (or at least the larger one).But that hasn’t stopped Google from scheduling a “Made By Google” event in New York City on the morning […]

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How to use a Project Fi data-only SIM with a Windows 10 PC

One of the nifty things about Google’s Project Fi wireless network is that the company doesn’t charge anything extra for tethering, so if you want to use your Android smartphone as a mobile hotspot, you can do that. But if you’d rather not run down your phone’s battery to keep your tablet or notebook online, […]

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Google’s Project Fi network is getting 3 more non-Google phones

After years of existing as a cellular network that you could only use with Nexus and Pixel smartphones, last year Google’s Project Fi started offering customers a chance to pick up a Moto X4 Android One edition smartphone. Now it looks like Google is getting ready to double the number of phones it sells. The […]

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Moto X4 Android One smartphone leaked (coming to Project Fi?)

Motorola recently unveiled the Moto X4, a smartphone with upper middle range specs including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor, a 5.2 inch full HD display, a 3,000 mAh battery, IP68 water resistance, and at least 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It also has a 16MP front camera, 12MP and 8MP rear cameras, and the phone […]

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I’m starting to wish Google’s Project Fi supported more phones

I signed up for Google’s Project Fi wireless service at the end of 2016. It’s not necessarily the best wireless network for everyone, but it meets my needs perfectly. This week Google launched a new quiz that you can take to figure out if Project Fi would end up costing more or less than your current […]

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Google’s Wi-Fi Assistant from Project Fi is coming to all Nexus phones*

Google’s Project Fi is a cellular network that blurs the lines between WiFi and mobile data. If you’re at home or another place where you can connect to a WiFi hotspot, the service will route your phone calls over WiFi. But the call will automatically be handed off to a mobile network if you walk out of […]