ZTE Hawkeye Kickstarter cancelled to focus on a better phone

Last year ZTE asked the public to help decide what crazy new product to try launching in 2017. The winning idea was a phone with eye-tracking functionality and a self-adhesive back that lets you stick the phone to a wall and scroll through web pages or other content without actually touching the phone. But when […]

ZTE reveals specs for crowdsourced, eye-tracking Hawkeye smartphone

Last year Chinese phone maker ZTE asked the community to help it come up with new ideas for a gadget. The winner was an odd smartphone with eye-tracking features and a self-adhesive back designed to let you scroll through content and perform other tasks just by looking at the phone, without touching it. ZTE calls the […]

ZTE will build a phone with eye-tracking cameras (Project CSX contest winning idea)

ZTE plans to build a phone featuring eye-tracking cameras and a self-adhesive back. The idea is to enable hands-free operation of the phone by letting you scroll through content just by looking at the screen, for example. But the idea didn’t come from ZTE. For the past month and a half, the company has been soliciting […]

Voting is open for ZTE’s crowd-sourced gadget contest (Project CSX)

ZTE plans to launch a new product in 2017, but the company doesn’t actually know what it’ll be yet. That’s because the Chinese consumer electronics company is running a competition where users vote on a set of concepts submitted by other users. The crowd-sourced gadget campaign is called Project CSX, and last month the list […]

ZTE’s CSX crowd-sourcing finalists: eye-tracking phone, robotic glove, underwater VR headset

ZTE has been asking the public to help it come up with ideas for new products, and now the company has announced three finalists from its Project CSX effort to crowd-source product design. Those finalists include a phone designed to be easy to use without touching it, thanks to an eye-tracking system, a smart glove […]

ZTE is crowdsourcing ideas for its Project CSX device

ZTE’s Project CSX is an effort to build a new device designed with input from the public. The company announced plans to crowdsource development of a phone last month, and now the first round of voting is open. People have already submitted hundreds of ideas. Now you can upvote your favorites to help ZTE pick […]