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Google’s modular Project Ara smartphones to support Rockchip processors

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to design a modular smartphone so that customers can buy just the skeleton of a phone and then attach the screen, battery, processor, and other components as they see fit. The earliest prototypes have been powered by Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processors. Now the Project Ara team has announced that […]

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Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone dev kits start shipping in July

Project Ara is Google’s grand experiment to design a modular smartphone. Want to upgrade the display on your phone? Instead of buying a new device, jut pop in a new display module. The same could theoretically go for the speakers, processor, battery, storage, camera, or any other components. The platform could also open the door […]

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Lilbits (4-15-2014): Intel’s mobile struggles

With PC sales leveling off, Intel, Microsoft and other companies that have built enormous business around desktop and laptop computers are trying their hardest to make a dent in the newfangled mobile space… with mixed results. Intel reported its quarterly earnings today, and while the company beat estimates, revenue dropped a bit from the same […]

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This is how Google’s Project Ara smartphones will look

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to build a modular smartphone platform. The company has developed a hardware design that involves a smartphone skeleton which can use a series of modules for everything from the processor to the display. If all goes according to plan, Google could begin shipping smartphone skeletons next year, and the […]

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Google’s Project Ara Module Developer Kit paves way for modular smartphones

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to create the first truly modular smartphone, allowing consumers to swap out parts of their phone without buying a whole new handset. Want a better camera? Just buy one. Don’t need a camera, but want super-long battery life? Install two batteries. Google’s been working on the project for some […]

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Google’s Project Ara smartphone looks like a series of blocks (because it is)

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to create a modular smartphone that’s cheap and ridiculously customizable. Want a new processor? Just pop out the old one and pop in a module with a new chip. Need long battery life but don’t care about removable storage? Just replace the microSD card module with an extra battery […]

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Google’s modular phone set for 2015 launch, starting at $50

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Team hopes to be able to sell you a modular smartphone starting in early 2015, with prices starting at just $50. For that price all you’ll get is the skeleton of a phone with built-in support for WiFi. If you want cellular connectivity, a camera, even a touchscreen display, you’ll […]

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Google’s Project Ara dev conference in April to focus on modular phone

Project Ara is an experimental project to develop a modular smartphone that lets you upgrade components without throwing out the whole phone or add new modules to increase functionality without buying a new device. Initially developed as a concept by Motorola, the team behind Project Ara are now working at Google while Lenovo is in […]

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Google is selling Motorola, but keeping Project Ara modular phone concept

Google may have agreed to sell off Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, but Lenovo isn’t going to get all the good stuff. Google plans to hang onto the vast majority of the patents it picked up when the company acquired Motorola in 2012. And it looks like Google is also keeping Motorola’s Advanced […]