Is Facebook working on a modular smartphone? (Project Ara-resurrected)

Facebook may be the dominant social networking site on the planet, and one of the biggest players in online advertising. But despite years of rumors of a so-called “Facebook Phone,” the company’s efforts in that space have been pretty lackluster so far. But according to Business Insider, it looks like Facebook may be working on […]

Google is scrapping Project Ara modular smartphone altogether

Google’s quest to build a modular smartphone platform may be over. Reuters reports that Google has “suspended” Project Ara as the company moves to streamline its hardware. Streamlining isn’t the same thing as pulling out of the hardware business: Google is also said to be prepping two new phones, an updated Chromecast, and other hardware for launch this […]

Google’s modular smartphone is coming in 2017 (Project Ara dev edition coming in Q4, 2016)

Google’s Project Ara modular phone platform has been under development for years, and soon you’ll finally be able to get your hands on one. The first Project Ara developer kits will ship in the fourth quarter of 2016, and Google says it’s working on a consumer edition that will be available in 2017. The company […]

Google’s Project Ara modular phone benchmarked… or at least one version

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to design a modular smartphone, allowing you to swap out the processor, memory, screen, camera, battery hardware for different modules. While Google didn’t manage to launch a pilot project in 2015 as originally planned, the company is hoping to begin rolling out a test this year. And it looks like […]

Google postpones Project Ara pilot until 2016 (modular smartphones)

Google plans to launch a pilot program for its Project Ara smartphone… but that pilot won’t be in Puerto Rico as originally planned, and it won’t be in 2015 as originally planned either. Earlier this year the company outlined vague plans for a “marketing pilot” that would allow customers to configure and purchase modular smartphones […]

Google scraps Puerto Rico pilot for Project Ara modular smartphone

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to design a modular smartphone system that lets you customize your phone’s hardware and design by swapping out modules to add or remove cameras, batteries, storage, or even screens. The company’s been working on the technology for a few years, and had planned to launch a marketing pilot in Puerto […]

Who needs a modular phone when a modular case might do? (crowdfunding)

Google’s Project Ara, the modular smartphone that is designed to allow users to swap out parts, is still far from being ready to ship. So is Circular Devices’ PuzzlePhone. By the time they launch there might be another option though: a modular smartphone case. Nexpaq is a smartphone case that allows you to swap out modules […]

Toshiba unveils TransferJet, display module designs for Project Ara modular smartphones

The first of Google’s Project Ara modular smartphones are expected to go on sale later this year during a pilot project in Puerto Rico. Ahead of that limited launch, developers have been showing off designs for possible modules including speakers, displays, batteries, and cameras, among other things. Now Toshiba has unveiled solutions for a range of […]

Toshiba reveals the first Project Ara camera modules

Google’s hoping that the first modular Project Ara smartphones will be ready to ship to lucky residents of Puerto Rico later this year, and those phones are going to need camera. Fortunately for early adopters, Toshiba already has a working snap-in module ready to go. Toshiba will have two Ara-compatible, rear-facing camera modules. For those […]

Yezz to build modules for Google’s Project Ara smartphone

Google’s build-your-own modular smartphone is less than a year away from hitting the streets, at least in Puerto Rico. As Project Ara gets closer to being finalized, more companies are climbing aboard. Android phone maker Yezz recently announced it plans to support Project Ara with its own module design. As noted by Android Central, Yezz […]

SolidEnergy is building a better battery for Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone

Last year, Google started providing developer kits for its Project Ara modular smartphone to third-party developers. Since then, developers have been scrambling to create technology to use with the device, including processor chips, display screens, and possibly even a compatible smart watch. In a recent interview with Forbes, SolidEnergy’s CEO, Dr. Qichao Hu said the […]