Leaked AMD roadmap includes next-gen Ryzen Embedded and Zen 3 for laptops and desktops

AMD’s latest laptop processors offer an impressive mix of performance and power consumption. But the current-gen AMD Ryzen 4000 “Renoir” series chips are based on the chip maker’s Zen 2 CPU architecture, not the newer Zen 3 architecture that was originally expected to be available this year. So when is Zen 3 coming? In 2021, […]

Intel’s next-gen NUC mini PCs will have 28W Coffee Lake processors

The gaming-oriented Intel Hades Canyon NUC with an Intel Kaby Lake-G processor is technically the first of Intel’s min computers to feature an 8th-gen Intel processor. But the company’s first mainstream NUC systems with 8th-gen chips are coming later this year. While most older NUC systems featured the same kind of 15 watt processors you’d typically find […]

Leaked Intel roadmap shows chips for 2017 and 2018 (Coffee Lake, Gemini Lake)

Laptops with Intel’s new 7th-gen Core “Kaby Lake” chips are now available, and desktops with the chips should be available in early 2017. Meanwhile, the first low-power notebooks, 2-in-1 tablets, and desktops with Celeron and Pentium chips based on Intel’s Apollo Lake designs should be available soon. So what’s next? According to a leaked product […]

Leaked Samsung roadmap shows new ARM CPUS for smartphones, smartbooks

The performance gap between ARM-based processors and x86 chips is shrinking. Intel is starting to design Atom chips for smartphones, while ARM-based processors have already hit the 1GHz mark with support for HD video playback and dual and even quad core processors on the horizon. A leaked product roadmap from Samsung shows a series of […]