FreedomPop’s Privacy Phone encrypts your (cheap) phone calls for $189

FreedomPop’s claim to fame is the company’s low-cost wireless plans. But now FreedomPop is jumping on the privacy and security bandwagon, offering a new phone that it says offers more secure communications. It’s called the Privacy Phone, and while the hardware is kind of dated, it’s loaded with features to help keep your voice calls […]

Blackphone promises complete privacy, but what will it deliver?

Privacy-minded smartphone users, take heed. There’s a new handset coming called Blackphone, and its creators want you to know that it’s being built from the ground up to provide the most secure smartphone experience possible. But will it live up to the hype? The Blackphone team is comprised of some heavy hitters in the digital […]

App Ops saga: The Android privacy feature you weren’t meant to have

When Google Android 4.3 hit the streets in July it brought some changes to location services, some user interface changes, support for OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics and more. But it also had a nifty feature hidden away in the code: the ability to revoke an app’s access to certain permissions. Don’t want that puzzle game […]

Lilbits (11-21-2013): Safeplug anonymizes your internet use for $49

There are a number of ways to protect your privacy while surfing the web. A popular, but moderately complicated option is to use Tor software which anonymizes your data to keep internet services from tracking your data. Now the folks behind the Pogoplug home server and cloud storage service are offering an easy way to […]

CyanogenMod Accounts: Secure, open source find my phone, remote wipe, and more

The CyanogenMod team is launching a new online service that that lets you locate a missing phone, remotely wipe it, or perform other actions. If that doesn’t sound original, it’s because there are a number of similar service already available. But the folks behind the popular custom version of Android say that their solution is […]

CyanogenMod could get per-app “incognito mode” for greater privacy

Don’t like the idea of web publishers placing cookies on your computer and tracking your behavior? You can use “private browsing” or “incognito” modes in most modern web browsers to surf the web without offering up any personally identifiable information or saving anything to your browser history. That means your browser won’t auto-fill passwords for […]