GrapheneOS is an Android-based, security-hardened, open source operating system

There’s a new(ish) smartphone operating system aimed at folks who want to be able to run Android apps, but want additional security and privacy features. It’s called GrapheneOS, and it comes from Daniel Micay, the former lead developer of another security-based Android fork called CopperheadOS. After the founders of Copperhead had a falling out last […]

Purism’s Librem 5 smartphone’s Lockdown Mode will shut off all sensors

Purim’s upcoming Librem 5 smartphone has two key selling points. First, it will ship with free and open source GNU/Linux software featuring as little proprietary code as possible. And second, it features three hardware hardware kill switches that can disconnect: The mic and cameras WiFi and Bluetooth Cellular baseband In other words, it’s a phone […]

Logitech’s newest webcam has a privacy shutter (or you could just unplug your old camera)

Logitech’s C920 line of webcams have been pretty popular for years thanks to a decent feature set and relatively affordable price tag. I picked one up about three years ago when I decided it was finally time I owned a camera that offered better voice and video camera than I could get using the built-in […]

Project Alias hacks your smart speaker so it’s only listening when you want

There’s something kind of magical about saying “Alexa” or “OK Google” to get a weather forecast, recipe, navigation directions, or to play music or control your smart home appliances. There’s also something a little creepy about it since you need to have an always-listening, internet-connected speaker in your house to do those things. Sure, Google […]

Lilbits 342: Facebook’s next device might be for your TV

Facebook’s probably on your phone. You might use it on your computer from time to time. And the company recently introduced a smart speaker/display/video calling gadget called Facebook Portal that puts Facebook in your living room, kitchen, or anywhere else in your house. So what’s next? According to a report from Cheddar, Facebook wants to […]

Google+ is shutting down in August, 2019 (because nobody used it and it wasn’t all that secure)

Google has announced plans to shut down its social network. When Google+ first launched in 2011, the company focused on features like “Circles,” which gave users more control over who they shared updates with than rivals like Facebook and Twitter, and “Hangouts,” which allowed for text and video chatting. But while Google+ developed some loyal […]

Mozilla brings new features to Firefox Focus privacy-focused browser

Firefox Focus is a mobile web browser designed first and foremost for private browsing. It deletes your cookies every time you exit the browser and never tracks your history. Basically it’s a mobile web browser that only has an incognito/private browsing mode. It also blocks ads that use any data tracking. When Mozilla first launched Firefox […]

Chrome 69 effectively requires you to stay logged in (if you want to use any Google services)

When Google released Chrome 69 earlier this month, the company highlighted the web browser’s updated user interface and new features for searching, saving passwords, and more. One change Google didn’t explicitly call out? Starting with Chrome 69 any time you login to a Google website you’ll automatically be signed into the browser. Logging out of […]