Lilbits: Windows Terminal, Chrome, Firefox, Signal on Linux phones, Netflix will be the Netflix for games after all

Microsoft has released a new preview version of the Windows Terminal app that builds on the “quake mode” feature introduced earlier this year, allowing you to open a terminal from any screen using a hotkey. Now when you dismiss that window, it minimizes to the system tray by default. Other changes include an updated Settings […]

Would you pay to use an ad-free search engine that doesn’t collect your data?

Google has dominated the search engine market for the past two decades, but the company makes most of its money from advertising. So it’s no surprise that the company gathers a lot of data about users of its search engine (and other products) in order to deliver targeted ads. But there are a growing number […]

Google Android 12 beta 2 brings new privacy features and UI changes

Google has released the second public beta of Android 12 and, among other things, it includes some of the new privacy features the company first highlighted during its Google I/O developer event in May. There’s a new Privacy Dashboard that makes it easy to see which apps have recently used your device’s mic, camera, or location […]

Google follows Apple’s lead, will require privacy info on app listings

App listings in the Google Play store will have a slightly different look later this year. Following Apple’s lead, Google is going to start requiring developers to list data and privacy security information about their apps. Today’s post on the Android Developers blog states that this new “safety section” will help people understand the data […]

Lilbits: What the FLoC?

Google plans to end support for third-party tracking cookies in the Chrome browser, which is ostensibly a response to users’ growing demands for privacy. But Google is first and foremost a company that makes its money by advertising… and these days that’s primarily targeted advertising. So the company plans to keep doing that. Instead of cookies […]

Lilbits: Privacy wars, app stores, and advances in color E Ink

Much of the web, including this website, is primarily funded via advertising. And in recent years advertisers have chosen largely to focus on targeted advertising, which tracks user behavior as folks move from website to website to choose ads that are most likely to appeal to specific individuals. Plenty of folks don’t like being tracked to […]

Now you can buy smartphone with /e/ OS in the US and Canada (Android phones stripped of Google services)

The /e/ Foundation has been developing a custom version of Android that doesn’t include Google’s propriety apps and services for a few years, and in 2019 the team began selling refurbished phones with the de-Googled software pre-installed. At the time the phones were only available for purchase for customers in Europe. But now customers in […]

iodé sells Android phones stripped of tracking and advertising (and the Play Store)

A new French company called iodé is selling smartphones that ship with a custom Android-based operating system that offers some of the benefits of Android (like ease-of-use) while offering more privacy. The company says its software blocks advertisements, spyware, and other apps and services from tracking your personal data. One trade-off is that the phones […]