Comprinter is a DIY laptop crammed inside a printer for no good reason

Have you ever looked at your laptop… then at your all-in-one printer/scanner/copier and thought they’d look better if they were smashed together to make a single device? Probably not. But there’s still something oddly compelling about seeing it happen. Mason Stooksbury took apart an old Dell laptop and an old Kodak printer and put them […]

After HP blocks third-party ink from working with printers, company promises optional update to remove the ban

A few weeks ago HP activated a firmware update for many of its recent printers. The company said the update was meant to “ensure the best consumer experience,” but what the update did was stop HP’s printers from working with third-party ink cartridges. Even customers who had already purchased those cartridges, put them in their printers, […]

HP to acquire Samsung’s printer business for $1 billion

Did you know Samsung makes printers? Well, not for long… because HP has just announced it’s acquiring Samsung’s printer business for a little over $1 billion. HP says its plan is to “disrupt and reinvent the $55 billion copier industry,” which the company says “are outdated, complicated machines,” while also strengthening HP’s consumer printer business. […]

EnerGenie ePP2 is a 9.7 inch eReader that’s positioned as an ePaper printer

Tired of wasting paper every time you print a set of directions, a news article, or a presentation you’re only going to use once? A German company has a greener solution: An eReader which is being market as an ePaper printer. Here’s the idea, plug the EnerGenie ePP2 into your PC and it will register […]

HP Photosmart eStation C510 $400 printer with Android tablet now available

It looks like you may be able to pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab running Google Android soon for about $399 when you sign up for a 2 year service contract. But if you’re content with a significantly less powerful tablet which also happens to be bundled with an internet-connected printer, you can grab the […]

HP launches Photosmart eStation $399 printer with removable Android tablet

Think the $499 that Apple charges for its WiFi-only iPad is a bit too much to pay for a tablet computer? No problem. HP has just introduced a $399 Android tablet… oh yeah, and it comes with a free internet-connected printer. Actually, the Photosmart eStation (or the device formerly known as the HP Zeen) is […]