Could the Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet launch for $199?

Microsoft will launch its first Windows RT tablet on October 26th. While the company hasn’t had much to say about the price, the company has insisted the first Microsoft Surface tablet would be “competitive” with similar devices with ARM-based processors. Now Engadget reports that “competitive” could mean $199. I’d call that┬ávery competitive. Update: Paul Thurrott, […]

Ultrabooks are selling well, driving up the cost of notebooks

Ultrabooks are thin notebooks with Intel Sandy Bridge or newer processors, decent battery life, and solid state storage for speedier performance than you get from hard drives. They’re also a lot more expensive than the┬álast big trend in ultraportable computers. Netbooks hit the market in 2007 with prices starting at $400. Today you can pick […]

32GB HP TouchPad to run $599?

HP hasn’t announced the pricing for its upcoming TouchPad tablet line, but the folks at PreCentral got their hands on an inventory screenshot from Walmart which seems to suggest that the tablet will be priced about the same as Apple’s iPad. The image shows a 32GB HP TouchPad with WiFi for $599. That’s the same […]

Living in the future: The incredible falling prices of computer storage

Hard drives used to be really expensive. Now they’re really cheap. You probably already know that, but Ivan Smith’s web site really hammers the point home by tracking the falling prices of storage from about 1980 through mid-2010. In a nutshell, 30 years ago you would have had to pay about $300,000 for 1 gigabyte […]