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Breaking: Trendy new products more exciting than older once-trendy products

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that one day tablets will outsell PCs. He has good reason to think so, because iPads are out-selling Mac computers by 3 to 1. And it appears an awful lot of people got new tablets during the 2011 holidays. Juniper Research predicts that by 2016, PC makers could ship as […]

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Study: 59 million netbooks will ship in 2013 (might not still be called netbooks)

I always get a kick out of reports that predict what will be happening 4 years from now in an industry segment that didn’t even exist 2 years ago. So I’m taking Semico’s recent prediction that 22% of the mobile PC market will belong to netbooks in 2013 with a grain of salt. According to […]

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The netbook revolution isn’t coming, it’s already here

InfoWorld is running a piece today called “The Shape of the Coming Netbook Revolution.” It takes a look a the current state of the netbook, as well as some future developments that could shake things up, like the introduction of ARM CPU-based, low power mini-laptops that offer many of the same features as today’s netbooks, […]

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Gartner: 2009 is the “year of the mini-notebook” in Asia Pacific

Research firm Gartner has put out a report claiming that this will be the “year of the mini-notebook” in the Asia Pacific region, with netbook shipments expected to grow by 82 percent from last year. You’ll have to pony up $1295 to read the full report, but the Cliff Notes version is available in the […]

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Industry predictions: Netbook shipments to quadruple, could outsell noteboks

There’s no doubt that netbooks represent the fastest growing segment of the PC industry today. And I expect them to become even bigger over the next few years. 12 months ago, almost nobody knew what a netbook was, but today you can find them in a number of retail stores, order them from most computer […]