Daily Deals (1-21-2021)

The Epic Games Store is giving away Galactic Civilization III for free this week. You can pick up an Acer Swift 3 laptop with a Ryzen 5 4500U processor for $432 with the coupon code PLAYCR20 (it’s refurbished, but comes with a 2-year warranty). Meanwhile, there are some good deals on power banks, wall chargers, […]

Energizer P18K smartphone with 18,000 mAh battery hits Indiegogo

Tired of carrying around a portable battery pack because your smartphone battery isn’t big enough to make it through the day? Last month Avenir Technology unveiled the Energizer Power Max P18K, a device that’s more battery than phone, at least in terms of volume. The phone features a 6.2 inch, 2280 x 1080 pixel LCD […]

Amazon issues recall for 6 different AmazonBasics portable power banks (fire hazard)

Amazon sells a wide range of cheap, but generally decent products under its AmazonBasics brand. You can find AmazonBasics luggage, Bluetooth speakers, cell phone cases, and computer keyboards, just to name a few categories. But one product type you probably won’t find on Amazon.com today? An AmazonBasics portable power bank. Working with the US Consumer […]

Razer launches $150 external battery for the Blade Stealth laptop

The Razer Blade Stealth is a compact notebook from a company best known for making gaming hardware… and you can use the laptop for gaming. You’ll just probably want to plug in an external graphics dock to play bleeding edge titles. When using the laptop alone, you get a much more portable system that weighs […]

$75 CS668 is an Android box, a Bluetooth speaker, and a power bank

There’s no shortage of Android-powered TV boxes coming out of China these days. I’ve kind of stopped paying attention, since there are plenty of better ways to stream videos or run apps and games on a TV. But the CS668 is one of the more unusual TV boxes I’ve seen… because in addition to letting […]

Micromax X352 is a little phone with a big battery (to charge your tablet)

Have a smartphone that’s always running out of juice? You could carry around a spare battery (if your phone can use one), or an external battery pack. Or you could carry a second phone… the Micromax X352 is a small phone with basic functions and a big, 3000mAh battery. Not only does that provide long […]