Motorola One Hyper is a mid-range phone with a pop-up selfie camera

Motorola’s newest mid-rang phone is now available in the US, Europe, and Latin America. The¬†Motorola One Hyper is a $400 phone that’s the latest in the company’s line of Motorola One mid-range smartphones, each of which tend to have one (kind of) distinctive feature — although this time, it’s two distinctive features. The most noticeably […]

Vivo V15Pro proves pop-up cameras aren’t just for flagship phones

Vivo’s newest smartphone is a mid-range model with some premium features including three rear cameras, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and an AMOLED display with super-slim bezels on all sides… made possible by packing the front-facing camera behind the display. It only pops up when you need it. That was a feature that was previously limited […]

Vivo NEX teardown shows how the pop-up camera, in-display fingerprint sensor work

The Vivo NEX is one of the most unusual smartphones to ship in years, thanks to its front-facing camera that hides behind the screen when it’s not in use, its in-display fingerprint sensor, and its unusual vibrating earpiece that’s also hidden behind the display. In an effort to make a phone with a high screen-to-body […]

Oppo Find X is a nearly bezel-free phone with pop-out front and rear cameras

Some phone makers are trying to slim the top bezels of their phones by including camera cut-outs (notches). Chines phone maker Vivo took a different approach and launched the Vivo Nex with a pop-out selfie camera that hides inside the phone when it’s not in use. And then there’s the Oppo Find X. Unlike most […]