Weekend poll: Liliputing comment voting — like or dislike?

For the past few years Liliputing’s comment system has been powered by a WpDiscuz, a plugin that takes the native WordPress comment system and supercharges it with additional features. But one of those features seems to be at least a little controversial: voting. So I figured I’d ask the community what you think: should we […]

Would you rather have a phone with a slide-out camera, or a hole in the screen?

As the war on bezels continues, smartphone makers seem to be falling into one of three camps this year. There are phones with slimmer-than-in-the-past bezels. There are notch-phones with a cut-out near the top of the display for a front-facing camera. And recently we’ve seen the addition of a third category: phones with slide-out or […]

How much storage space do you need on a PC? (At least 155GB if you want to play Final Fantaxy XV in 4K)

Most Windows PCs with hard drives come with at least 500GB of storage. But if you want the advantages of a solid state drive (including speed, durability, and smaller size), you’ll also pay a higher price per gigabyte, which is why a lot of laptops come with just 128GB or 256GB of solid state storage. […]

Poll results: How much you would pay for a tablet

Consumer oriented tablet computers are hitting the streets faster than anyone can count. Some of the tablets coming out this year will be budget models meant to function primarily as eBook readers, web surfing devices, or portable video players. Others will have high performance multi-core processors, high resolution displays, long battery life, and these high […]

Poll results: Which CPU would you rather have?

Due to my impulsive site redesign this weekend, I cut this week’s poll short by a day. But it looks like the majority of readers are interested in the Intel Atom CPU. I can’t say I blame you. The processor is designed specifically for low-cost, light weight computers. While it’s not going to win any […]