Maybe US sanctions will put ZTE out of business after all (or maybe not)

The fate of Chinese electronics company ZTE is still up in the air. After imposing a trade ban that would have prevented US companies from selling goods to ZTE… which would have made it very difficult for the company to survive, earlier this month the US Commerce Department announced it had reached a settlement that […]

Trump blocks Broadcom’s effort to takeover Qualcomm for national security concerns

Broadcom has been trying to buy Qualcomm for months, and while Qualcomm’s board has been cool to the proposals so far, Qualcomm has suggested that it might be willing to sell for the right price… assuming the deal wouldn’t run afoul of government regulators. Now it looks like we won’t even get to that last […]

97 tech companies file legal brief opposing Trump’s immigration ban (including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft)

A group of nearly 100 tech companies, including many that are often seen as rivals, all seem to agree on at least one thing: US President Donald Trump’s executive order prohibiting people from 7 majority-Muslim countries from entering the US, even if they have a valid Visa, is bad for business. A group of 97 […]

US election aftermath: Twitter cracks down on harassment, Facebook and Google ad networks ban fake news sites

The 2016 presidential election results have wide-ranging implications in a number of fields. In the tech world, we’re already starting to see the impact as Google and Facebook take steps to combat fake news sites (which some people blame for distributing misinformation during the lead-up to the election), and Twitter’s move to roll out new […]