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Polaroid launches some more mediocre Android tablets for $129 and up

Polaroid may be best known for making cameras… and this year the company has a rather intriguing mirrorless camera running Android 4.1 on the way. But the company has been offering low-cost Android tablets since last year. So far we haven’t seen particularly good tablets from Polaroid. But the company does know how to make a […]

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Polaroid introduces the iM1836 mirrorless camera with Android

Polaroid’s latest camera may not print your pictures instantly onto tiny photo paper sheets, but the Polaroid iM1836 does have a few other tricks up its sleeve. The $399 mirrorless camera features changeable lenses, an 18.1MP image sensor, and runs Google Android 4.1, so you can use Android photo apps with your camera, upload your […]

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Rumor: Polaroid to introduce high-quality Android-powered camera

Last year Polaroid introduced a point-and-shoot camera with a touchscreen display and Android operating system. It was kind of cool… but also kind of underwhelming, both as a camera and as an Android device. Now it looks like Polaroid is ready to try again — this time with a higher quality camera with mirrorless camera […]

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Polaroid introduces a line of eReaders for some reason

Polaroid isn’t just entering the Android smartphone and tablet business. The company is also introducing a line of underwhelming digital book readers with 4.3 inch, 7 inch and 9 inch displays. The smallest is actually a 4.3 inch “Internet Tablet,” with a resistive touch display, a web browser, support for video playback, and 4GB of […]