Polaroid Lab prints your smartphone photos… after scanning them from your phone’s screen

There are a number of ways to print photos you snap with your smartphone… but most of them require actually transferring a digital file from your phone to a computer of some sort. The Polaroid Lab is… something else. It’s basically a scanner and a printer: you place your phone face-down on top of the device, […]

Draw This camera prints crappy drawings of the things you photograph (DIY)

Point a camera at an object, click the shutter button, and you can save an image. Some cameras do this better than others. And some can print your images right away, Polaroid-style. And then there’s Draw This. It’s DIY camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify the item you’re photographing and print a line drawing […]

Polaroid iZone WiFi camera with optical zoom works with Android, iPhone

Some companies want to help you take better photos with your camera by building better cameras into smartphones. Others are taking a different approach… by offering separate camera modules that you can control with your phone. Polaroid is now in the latter camp, thanks to the introducing of the Polaroid iZone. It’s a small 18 […]

Polaroid Socialmatic camera launches in January for $300 (with Android, instant printing)

Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera is a funny looking camera that gets back to the brand’s roots… with a modern twist. Like a classic Polaroid camera, the new Socialmatic can print pictures. But it uses a ZINK zero ink printer to do it. The camera also features WiFi and Bluetooth and runs Android software. So if you […]

Polaroid Socialmatic camera features WiFi, Bluetooth, Android, and a built-in printer

Polaroid’s new Socialmatic Camera gets back to the company’s roots by letting you print photos on the fly. But it does it with a modern twist. The camera has a built-in zero ink printer that can shoot out a 2″ x 3″ photo in less than a minute. But that’s not the camera’s only trick. It […]

Polaroid launches some more mediocre Android tablets for $129 and up

Polaroid may be best known for making cameras… and this year the company has a rather intriguing mirrorless camera running Android 4.1 on the way. But the company has been offering low-cost Android tablets since last year. So far we haven’t seen particularly good tablets from Polaroid. But the company does know how to make a […]