Lilbits: Nintendo 64 cut down to size, Gazelle ends trade-ins, Pixel camera ported to non-Pixel phones

Some folks interested in playing classic console games on the go are content to run an emulator on their phones or tablets. Others actually trim the original motherboard of old game consoles and stuff them into new bodies. One YouTuber has taken that to extremes with a Nintendo 64 that’s been modified to become a […]

Apple and Spotify bring podcasts to Amazon Echo devices (and other Alexa-enabled gadgets)

Amazon’s Echo line of products may have introduced the world to the idea of smart speakers that respond to your voice, answer questions, and play music among other things. But one thing Amazon’s Alexa voice service hasn’t been great at until now is playing podcasts. While you could ask Alexa to play a podcast, by default […]

Lilbits 322: The Red Hydrogen One cometh… later

RED’s first smartphone is an unusual device. It has a rugged Kevlar body. It has a “4D holographic” display. And it will work with modular add-ons including specialized camera lenses. Basically the RED Hydrogen One is an expensive phone aimed at photographers, cinematographers and other enthusiasts. It’s also running late. The phone showed up at […]

Plex redesigns its mobile apps, adds podcast features (sort of)

Plex is a popular app for organizing and playing media across a range of devices. It’s choc full of features that basically let you roll your own Netflix or Spotify by loading up a bunch of movies, TV shows, or music albums and then streaming them from a home computer or network-attached-storage device (NAS) over […]

Pocket Casts podcast app acquired by NPR and a coalition of public radio organization

Take a look at any list of top podcasts, and you’ll almost always find at least a few titles from NPR or other public radio producers. Now four of them have banded together to buy one of the most popular podcast apps. NPR, WNYC, WBEZ, and This American Life have acquired Pocket Casts, a mobile […]

Amazon’s premium podcast service is now free for Prime members (Audible Channels)

It’s been two months since Amazon-owned Audible launched a podcast/spoken word subscription service called Audible Channels. Up until recently, Audible was first and foremost a service for listening to audiobooks, but Audible Channels includes access to other forms of storytelling, including a series of exclusive podcasts. While Audible Channels was free for existing Audible subscribers, […]

Audible Channels is a premium podcast network for $5 per month (or free for Audible subscribers)

Audible is one of the biggest players in the audiobook space, and over the past year the company has been hiring a lot of radio and podcast professionals in an effort to expand into new territory. Now Audible has taken the wraps off its new “short-form digital audio” service. Audible Channels is basically a premium […]

Google Play Music launches podcasts, recommends shows based on your mood

Google Play Music is now more than just music. Google has launched a podcast section that lets you stream episodes of your favorite shows… or find new shows you might like. That last bit is an area where Google’s podcast offering might stand out from the competition. While there’s no shortage of podcast apps and services, […]