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PocketBook Era 7 inch eReader has built-in speaker and text-to-speech support (now available for $199 and up)

The new PocketBook Era is an eBook reader with a 7 inch, 1264 x 1680 pixel E Ink Carta 1200  display, a frontlight with adjustable color temperatures, and a 1,700 mAh (6.29 Wh) battery. It’s a waterproof device with an IPX8 rating. And it’s got one feature that’s increasingly uncommon in the eReader space: a built-in […]

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Pocketbook’s 9.7 inch InkPad Lite eReader coming this fall (likely for under $300)

Amazon stopped selling Kindle eReaders with 9.7 inch displays years ago, instead focusing on the 6 inch Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite and 7 inch Kindle Oasis. But while Amazon dominates the eReader space, there are other companies continue to produce eReaders in a range of sizes. And one of those companies is bringing back the […]

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PocketBook 740 Color is a 7.8 inch E Ink color eReader coming in March for $300

Devices with 7.8 inch color E Ink displays are officially a thing. This month Chinese company Bigme introduced the Bigme S3 with a 7.8 inch E Ink Kaleido display, and now a second model is on the way, this time from a company that has a history of selling its products globally. The PocketBook 740 […]

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PocketBook eReaders now available in the US from Newegg

Switzerland-based PocketBook has been making eBook readers since 2007, but it’s been tough to find the company’s products in the United States for the last few years. Now Newegg is selling a few models with prices ranging from $159 to $449. There’s no word on whether that means PocketBook’s upcoming eReader with a E Ink […]

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More details about E Ink’s new color displays for eReaders (and maybe smartphones)

Several companies recently announced plans to release eReaders with color E Ink displays this year, and at least one smartphone with a color E Ink screen is set to go on sale in China next week. But so far we haven’t seen many details about the technology used in those color displays. Now we know […]

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PocketBook Ultra eReader with a 5MP camera launches in Russia

As expected, PocketBook is giving its latest eBook reader an unusual feature: a camera. The PocketBook Ultra should be available in Russia in July, where it will sell for the equivalent of about $260. It’s a 6 inch eReader with an E Ink display and the ability to let you snap photos and scan them as […]