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Apple gives the iPod touch an A10 Fusion chip, keeps the $199 starting price

Apple’s new iPod touch looks… just like the old iPod touch. But under the hood it’s a lot more powerful. The company hasn’t raised the price though. You can still pick up an entry-level iPod touch for $199. It’s just that now you’ll get a model with 32GB of storage and an Apple A10 Fusion […]

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Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus: dual core Android media player

Samsung makes Android phones, tablets, and portable media players. But for the most part, the media players like the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 have had all the power of a 3 year old Android phone. That’s starting to change with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus. The 70 Plus is Samsung’s first […]

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Cowon R7 unveiled with Windows CE, Doc Brown and Marty high five

Cowon has never been a company that feels the need to match its competitors shot-for-shot, so it’s not a complete surprise to see them go back to the future with the newly-unveiled R7 “Super PMP.” Instead of running Android like the D3, the Cowon R7 is shipping with good old Windows CE 6.0 juxtaposed with […]

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Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 review

Remember PDAs? Before smartphones became ubiquitous, personal digital assistants such as the Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, and Dell Axim were all the rage (with geek and/or well-organized people, anyway). But a funny thing happened when smartphones really started to take off — companies stopped making PDAs. While that’s probably because they weren’t selling very well […]

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Samsung Galaxy Player price falls to $189 (Update: Nope, it was just a sale)

Samsung’s Galaxy Player line of handheld Android devices is getting a price cut. When the Galaxy Player 5.0 and Galaxy Player 4.0 started shipping recently they were priced at $270 and $230 respectively. But now you can pick up the 5 inch model from Amazon for $229, or grab the 4 inch Galaxy Player 4.0 […]