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Firefox picks up HTTPS-only mode and pinch-to-zoom, will lose Adobe Flash support soon

Firefox 83 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Among other things, the latest version of the open source web browser should bring a 15-percent boost in page load performance, and an 8-percent cut in memory usage. There’s also support for an HTTPS-only model that will alert you if you try to visit a […]

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Plex pulls the plug on plugins (and cloud sync), adds online subtitle search

Media center software Plex is adding a few new features… and taking some away. Plex is a client and server system that lets you stream your personal media collection to multiple devices. For instance, you can set up a server on your PC or NAS and use it to stream your music, movies, and photos […]

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Microsoft launches Windows Defender Browser Protection for Chrome

Microsoft has released a new plugin for the Google Chrome web browser that helps protect you from phishing attacks by alerting you when you click on a link that would take you to a website that’s known to contain malware. It’s called Windows Defender Browser Protection for Google Chrome and… it sounds a lot like […]

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Firefox to gain support for Chrome add-ons… and lose support for legacy XUL plugins

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has undergone some major changes in recent years. Support for unsigned extensions is being phased out. Tabs have moved to the top of the screen and settings menus hide behind a button on the right side of the screen. Overall Firefox looks a lot more like Chrome than it used to. […]

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Google Chrome 33 will disable extensions from outside the Web Store (Windows)

Google is getting ready to step up security in its Chrome web browser by preventing most Windows users from installing browser extensions unless they’re downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. We already knew the change was coming, but Google is going one step further and actually disabling extensions you’ve already installed if they’re not hosted […]

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AdBlock Vocab for Chrome replaces online ads with GRE vocabulary words

Folks have been using AdBlock and similar tools to strip ads from webpages almost as long as there have been ads on webpages. But while many of those browser plugins will replace ads with a blank spot on the page, AdBlock Vocab aims to replace ads with something useful: GRE vocabulary words. Basically AdBlock Vocab turns […]

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OneTab for Chrome frees up resources by closing tabs, restoring them when needed

Google’s Chrome web browser is fast, doesn’t have a lot of clunky menus to wade through, and is designed to make web surfing easy on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS device. But it can also be a bit of a resource hog — especially if you’ve got a large number of browser tabs open at […]

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Firefox “click to play” means Silverlight, Java, most plugins won’t run automatically

Mozilla is taking an interesting approach toward improving stability and security in future versions of the Firefox web browser. Starting soon, websites won’t be able to automatically load most plugins unless you click to enable them. If you visit a site that requires Java, Silverlight, or Adobe Reader, you’ll see a note asking if you […]

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No Flash plugin for Windows 8 on ARM: Another nail in the Flash coffin?

Adobe has stopped developing Flash Player for Google Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS. The new Google Chrome web browser for Android doesn’t support the current version of Flash. Apple has never supported Flash for the iPhone or iPad. And now it looks like Microsoft is following suit: Internet Explorer for Windows 8 on ARM won’t support […]