Sheeva64 is an $89 tiny headless PC that plugs into an AC outlet

Plug Computers are tiny PCs that you could easily mistake for an AC power adapter, because they plug directly into a wall outlet and typically don’t include video output. Instead these small, low power, “headless” computers usually run some sort of Linux-based operating system allowing you to use the little PCs as file servers or […]

MimoPlug offers touchscreen Linux for $500 or less

It’ll be a while before plug computers become mainstream devices, but there sure have been some amazing developments in recent times. Take the MimoPlug, for example. It’s based on Marvell’s SheevaPlug reference design, but instead of offering NAS-like capabilities as remixes like the PogoPlug and TonidoPlug do, the MimoPlug delivers a fairly complete touch-powered computing […]

Globalscale D2Plug is a handheld-sized, ARM-based desktop PC for $249

Globalscale Technologies is showing off a new $249 desktop PC with an ARM-based chip and support for 1080p HD video playback. The D2Plug computer can run Ubuntu Linux or Google Android 2.2, and joins a growing list of “Plug” computing devices. But this space may get even more interesting when Microsoft releases Windows 8 with […]