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Plex Cloud lets you create a personal media server without an always-on PC or NAS

Popular media center application Plex allows you to set up a personal media server so that you can stream your videos to just about any PC, phone, tablet, or other device over a home network or over the internet. But up until now you’ve needed to set up an always-on PC or network-attached-storage device to […]

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Plex media streaming app is now also a DVR (with HDHomeRun TV tuner)

Popular media player/streamer Plex lets you manage all the audio and video files on your device and stream them over the internet to another device. Have terabytes of videos on your desktop? Plex will let you watch them on your smartphone. Now Plex does more than let you manage your videos: you can use it […]

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Alternatives to Windows Media Center (Make your own Home Theater PC)

Want to turn your PC into a digital video recorder and media center box? For more than a decade Microsoft has made that by offering Windows Media Center. But when Windows 10 ships in the summer of 2015 it won’t include Media Center. The good news is that there are still some good options available […]

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Lilbits (5-01-2015): Building (another) open handheld game console

The developers of the DragonBox Pyra are designing a handheld game console with a 5 inch, 720p screen, an ARM Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a compact design, while still featuring game controller buttons and a QWERTY keyboard. The system is designed to be as open as possible, supporting GNU/Linux software. The project was unveiled over […]

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Deals of the Day (10-30-2014)

Normally tablets, laptops, and other gadgets top our list of deals every day. But if you’ve already got all the gadgets you need, you might be in the market for some free or cheap apps, games, or digital media to use with them. Amazon gives away an Android app or game for free every day… but […]

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Lilbits (3-13-2014): Chromecast goes international (soon)

Google has promised that the Chromecast would be available in more countries within weeks… and it looks like one of those countries will be the UK. An employee at UK retailer Currys/PCWorld posted a photo on Twitter showing a box of Chromecast media streaming devices that showed up at his store in advance of the […]

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Plex for Android gets a makeover: Turns phones, tablets into media centers (and media servers)

Plex is a popular media center app which lets you navigate photos, music, and movies on a computer — or stream that content to other devices including phones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes. Up until recently the Plex team’s Android app was functional, but kind of dull. But that will change when a brand […]

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Plex Media Center app hits Windows 8

The folks behind the popular Plex media center software have released a new app designed for Windows 8 — and it’s available from the Windows Store for $2.99. That’s about $2.99 more than the price of the desktop app, but it’s still a pretty small price for a slick looking app for organizing, accessing, and […]