S2 Music Player is an Android app from the maker of Shuttle (with the best incentive for upgrading

S2 Music Player is a new Android app that not only presents a simple, clean user interface for listening to music and managing songs stored on your phone, but also for streaming music from a home server using Jellyfin, Emby, or Plex (although Plex support isn’t available yet). Developed by the maker of the popular […]

Plex Arcade brings retro game streaming to the media center app (starting at $3 per month)

Plex, a company that got its start by offering a way to stream your personal media collection from a home computer or server, is now… a lot more complicated to describe. In recent years the company has added support for live TV, an ad-supported movie and TV streaming service, podcast support, and other features. Now […]

Video streaming together, at a distance: Hulu introduces Watch Party, and Plex launches Watch Together

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading across the globe and leading to stay-at-home and social-distancing orders affecting millions of people, folks started finding new ways to come together virtually. Video conferencing app Zoom saw an explosion in new users (although maybe not quite as many as it had initially claimed). And a little browser […]

Plex launches ad-supported Movies & TV streaming services in 220 countries

Plex is now officially in the media streaming business. The company, which produces software that allows users to stream their own personal media collection to any device, has launched its own free, ad-supported streaming service. Users can now fire up Plex and stream movies and TV shows for free… as long as they’re willing to […]

Plex to stream free, ad-supported videos from Warner Brothers (Update: And Lionsgate)

Plex provides tools to organize your media collection and set up your own streaming solution for playing your videos on a smart TV or streaming over the internet when you’re away from home. Among other things, the software provides a pretty interface for watching pirated content downloaded from the internet or DVD and Blu-ray videos […]

Plex launches new desktop app, exits the Windows Store and kills HTPC support (updated)

Plex began its life more than a decade ago as media center software for folks that wanted to plug their PC or Mac into a TV. Since then, Plex has evolved into tool that you can use to organize and play your personal media or online video whether you’re using a computer, smartphone, tablet, game […]

Plex adds support for “Web Shows” to its media center software

Plex recently announced that it’s ending support for plugins and cloud synchronization¬†as well as cloud servers. But the company is also adding new features to its media center application, including support for searching for subtitles from within the app. And now Plex has revealed a new beta feature –¬†Web Shows. The new feature lets you […]

Plex pulls the plug on plugins (and cloud sync), adds online subtitle search

Media center software Plex is adding a few new features… and taking some away. Plex is a client and server system that lets you stream your personal media collection to multiple devices. For instance, you can set up a server on your PC or NAS and use it to stream your music, movies, and photos […]

Plex Cloud is shutting down two years after launch (personalized online media streaming service)

Plex is a powerful media center tool that lets you stream your own music, movies, TV shows, and other media to smartphones, smart TVs, computers, or other gadgets. But in order to do that, you’ll need to set up a Plex server application on a PC that you leave running all the time or on […]

Lilbits 322: The Red Hydrogen One cometh… later

RED’s first smartphone is an unusual device. It has a rugged Kevlar body. It has a “4D holographic” display. And it will work with modular add-ons including specialized camera lenses. Basically the RED Hydrogen One is an expensive phone aimed at photographers, cinematographers and other enthusiasts. It’s also running late. The phone showed up at […]