Lilbits 386: Cheating at benchmarks

Benchmark utilities are designed to let you run the same exact test on multiple phones, PCs, or other devices so you can get an apples-to-apples comparison and see how they stack up against one another in terms of CPU, graphics, memory, and storage performance, among other things. At least that’s the idea. In practice, some […]

Sony PlayStation Classic coming in December for $100 (with 20 PS1 games pre-loaded)

Sony is following in Nintendo’s footsteps and launching a tiny replica of a classic game console with a bunch of games pre-installed. The PlayStation Classic is set to hit the streets on December 3rd, and it’s already up for pre-order for $100 from Best Buy and GameStop. The retro console looks like a shrunken version […]

Sony pulls plug on PlayStation Now game streaming for some platforms this summer

Sony’s PlayStation Now is a game streaming service that launched in 2014, allowing you to stream some PS3 games over the internet to PlayStation game consoles or some other devices including select handheld devices and smart TVs. Last year the company also added support for streaming PS3 games to a Windows 10 computer. Now Sony […]

Sony to bring a half dozen PlayStation games to mobile next year

Nintendo isn’t the only game console company getting into the mobile space. Earlier this year Sony announced it was forming a new group called ForwardWorks aimed at bringing PlayStation content to mobile devices. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Sony’s PlayStation division “plans to release five or six smartphone games” by March, 2018. There’s […]

PlayStation VR launches next week, early reviews are positive

Sony’s first foray into virtual reality is almost here. The PlayStation VR will be available in stores starting October 13th for $400 (or $500 for a VR Launch Bundle with a camera and motion controllers for folks that don’t already have them). That price doesn’t include the cost of a PlayStation 4 game console, but […]

PlayStation Vita jailbreak lets you run emulators, other homebrew software (PlayStation TV too)

Nearly four years after Sony launched the PlayStation Vita handheld game console, a team of hackers have released a simple method for jailbreaking the device. All you need to do to jailbreak your device is visit the HENkaku website using the PlayStation Vita web browser and tap the install button. HENkaku will take advantage of a […]

Sony to bring PlayStation-related games to smartphones

Sony is launching a new effort to bring PlayStation content to smartphones and other smart devices. The Japanese company has announced the creation of a new organization called ForwardWorks that will “leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters” to develop content and services for smart device users […]