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Why the BlackBerry PlayBook is still worth buying

The BlackBerry PlayBook probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s tablet wishlist right now — not that it’s ever been high on the list for most shoppers. Sales have never been particularly strong, and the recent announcement that the PlayBook won’t be upgraded to BlackBerry 10 didn’t help. Nevertheless, the PlayBook is an option worth […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 beta updated, patches DingleBerry jailbreak exploit

Research in Motion has released a new beta version of the BlackBerry PlayBook operating system. PlayBook OS for the tablet feels smother and faster than the previous beta nad fixes a number of quirks. But there’s bad news for anyone that’s rooted a PlayBook using Dingleberry. Update: Now you can use Dingleberry 3.0 to […]

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How to root a BlackBerry PlayBook with DingleBerry

So you picked up a BlackBerry PlayBook for $199 and now you’ve decided that you want to root the tablet so you can access protected files and settings, install the Android Market, or do other things that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion doesn’t really want you to do. The Dingleberry tool makes the process relatively easy, […]

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How to install PlayBook OS 2.0 Beta

There are two things that have people (some of them, anyway) talking about the PlayBook OS 2.0 update coming in February 2012. First, it’s going to add the missing native BlackBerry email, calendar, and contacts apps. Second, the Android Player will finally make its debut, allowing users to run thousands of Android applications on BlackBerry’s […]

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3 things the BlackBerry PlayBook does better than Android tablets

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet with a speedy 1 GHz TI OMAP 4430 dual core processor, an attractive 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, and a new operating system that’s been designed for touch. But the PlayBook hasn’t gotten as much attention as competing tablets running Android or iOS in recent months, and […]

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Who needs an official SDK? Native QNX apps can already run on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Research in Motion is expected to launch a software developer kit (SDK) allowing developers to write native apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook this summer. This will let developers code apps specifically for the QNX operating system that runs on the tablet. But one independent developer has already figured out how to write QNX apps and […]

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BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac to add PlayBook tablet support… this summer

If you run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager app on a Windows computer and plug in a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you can use the software to sync your music, pictures, videos automatically. If you run the Mac version of the software… nothing happens when you plug in a PlayBook. That’s because Mac support won’t be available […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook review roundup

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is set to go on sale April 19th with a starting price of $500. The tablet has a speedy dual core processor, supports Adobe Flash, and in addition to native apps, it will eventually be able to run Android apps. So how does it compare to the Apple iPad, Motorola XOOM, […]