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Google follows Apple’s lead, will require privacy info on app listings

App listings in the Google Play store will have a slightly different look later this year. Following Apple’s lead, Google is going to start requiring developers to list data and privacy security information about their apps. Today’s post on the Android Developers blog states that this new “safety section” will help people understand the data […]

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Google Play Pass launches with 350+ games for $5 per month (or $2 for early birds)

The Google Play Store is filled with millions of apps and games. Some are free. Some you have to pay for. And an awful lot are somewhere in the middle — you can install the app for free but need to make in-app purchases to unlock features. Now Google is launching another option: pay a […]

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Google makes it tougher to use Google Apps on uncertified devices

Most Android devices that ship in countries that aren’t China come with the Google Play Store and other Google apps and services pre-installed. While the Android operating system is open source, these Google Apps are proprietary and Google requires phones, tablets, and other devices to meet certain requirements before they can be shipped with Google […]

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Google Android graphics drivers will be updatable via the Play Store

There are some parts of mobile operating systems like Google Android that can only be updated by pushing out a new version of the OS. But over the past few years, Google has uncoupled a bunch of core features of the operating system so that updates can be delivered via the Google Play Store and […]

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Google shrinks Android app updates by 65 percent (on average)

One of the nice things about smartphone operating systems is that you can enable automatic updates, allowing your device to grab the latest version of apps and games from the App Store, Play Store, or what have you. Security updates, bug fixes, and new features are delivered when you’re not even paying attention. But those […]

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Yep, the Google Play Store is coming to Chrome OS

The rumors were true. Google is bringing the Google Play Store to Chrome OS, which means it’ll be much easier to find and install Android apps on Chromebooks or other devices running Google’s Chrome operating system. We’ll probably have to wait until May 19th for Google to officially announce the feature, but a summary for […]

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Google Play heading to China in 2016?

It’s been about 5 years since Google largely stopped offering apps and services in China after refusing to comply with the Chinese government’s requests that the company censor search results. During that time Google’s Android has become the most popular smartphone operating system in countries around the world… including China. But most Android phones sold […]

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Lilbits 297: Is Google developing app streaming tech?

Remember when Apple released the first iPhone and promised that all developers would need to do to create great apps was to develop mobile websites that users could open in a browser? It wasn’t long before developers were clamoring for the ability to create native apps that would run as smoothly as the Apple software […]