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Lilbits: MacBook Self Service repairs could get pricy, Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 on September 7th, and Google launches new Fitbit wearables

Earlier this year Apple introduced a Self Service Repair program that lets customers purchase genuine Apple parts, use official repair guides, and even rent the same equipment Apple uses to perform repairs. At launch, the company offered everything you needed to repair recent iPhones. Now Apple has expanded to cover MacBook laptops as well. But […]

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Android 13 is here

Following months of developer previews and beta testing, Android 13 has arrived. Google has added the code for the latest version of its mobile operating system to the Android Open Source Project, and the company is rolling out Android 13 updates for supported Pixel phones. Factory images and OTA images are also available. Among other […]

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Lilbits: Android gaming on Windows PCs, classic gaming with ScummVM, and Google Pixel phones’ disappearing features

The Windows Subsystem (WSA) for Android allows you to run some Android apps on Windows 11 PCs, but historically some apps have worked better than others. Now Microsoft is rolling out an update to WSA that could make it a little easier to play games by allowing you to use a keyboard for games that […]

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Google Pixel 6a is available for pre-order for $449, ships July 28

The Google Pixel 6a is a smartphone with the same Google Tensor processor as Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. But with a $449 price tag, it’s a more affordable than those phones, which have starting prices of $599 and $899, respectively. In order to shave the price, Google did cut some corners. […]

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Now you can buy replacement parts for Google Pixel phones from iFixit

As promised earlier this year, you can now buy genuine replacement parts for Pixel phones from internet repair shop iFixit. Kits that also include the tools you may need to perform at-home repairs are also available for purchase. Google says genuine parts are available for Pixel 2 through Pixel 6 series phones. Replacement parts include […]

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Lilbits: Apple leaks ahead of WWDC (iPads to work more like laptops, Macs with M2) and gaming performance of Intel’s Celeron 7305 and Pentium 8505

Chinese PC makers AYA and AYN have both announced plans to offer budget handheld gaming computers that undercut Valve’s Steam Deck on price by using AMD Mendocino or Intel’s entry-level Alder Lake-U processors. While we don’t know much about the performance of AMD’s chip yet, YouTuber Taki Udon has already begun running gaming tests on […]

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Lilbits: OSOM V1 will be Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 powered, ONEXPLAYER working on a handheld with Ryzen 6000U

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor is expected to bring a 10% boost in CPU and graphics performance and a 20% improvement in AI performance when compared with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, while also lowing power consumption by as much as 30%. So it’s no surprise that a bunch of phone makers plan […]

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Google releases Android 12L for Pixel phones, coming to tablets & foldables later this year

When Google first announced it was working on Android 12L, the company described it as an update focused on tablets and foldables thanks to new features optimized for large screen displays. But now that Android 12L is out of beta, guess which devices will be the first to run Android 12L software? Google’s Pixel phones. […]

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Lilbits: Streaming Android apps to a PC, new Windows 11 features, and mobile Linux updates

Windows 11 may be getting native support for running Android apps thanks to a new Windows Subsystem for Android. But it’s not a Google-approved system, which means you may have to jump through some hoops if you want access to the Google Play Store and all the apps in it. But it looks like Google is […]

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Lilbits: Dragonbox Pyra, ScummVM, and LibreOffice updates and Google’s Pixel 6 is a hit (by Pixel standards)

The DragonBox Pyra is a handheld computer designed to run Linux-based software and which includes a QWERTY keyboard and built-in game controllers allowing you to use it for work or play. At least that’s the idea… but getting your hands on one has been challenging. The Pyra has been in development for years and went […]