Sol Computers introduces a sunlight readable 10 inch USB monitor (with Pixel Qi display)

Need to use your computer outside, but find the glossy screen turns into a mirror in direct sunlight? Sol Computer is offering a sunlight-viewable 10 inch monitor which you can plug into a USB port. But it’ll cost you. While a price isn’t listed on the website (and may vary if you place bulk orders), […]

Trimble launches Yuma 2 rugged tablet with Pixel Qi display

Trimble has unveiled a new rugged tablet for outdoor use in construction, transportation, utility work, and other areas where tough build quality trumps pretty design. The 7 inch Trimble Yuma 2 tablet also features a Pixel Qi sunlight-readable display. Pixel Qi screens are a special type of LCD that offers full-color when used with a […]

InHand Hydra-T3: Rugged tablet with outdoor visible screen

The Hydra-T3 from InHand is a rugged 7 inch tablet with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, support for Google Android 2.3, Ubuntu 10.10, and Windows Embedded Compact 6. It also has a Pixel Qi LCD display which can be viewed in direct sunlight. Before you pull out your wallet, you should know that the […]

$299 kit lets you add a Pixel Qi display to a BeagleBoard, PandaBoard

Tin Can Tools has released a new kit that lets you add a Pixel Qi sunlight readable display to a BeagleBoard or PandaBoard system. Both are tiny computer systems aimed at hobbyists interested in building anything from digital signage to robots with the palm-sized computer as the brains. The Tin Can Tools kit includes a […]

Sol Computer unveils ruggedized, pricey netbook with Pixel Qi screen

Sol Computer is a small California-based company that offers computers with Pixel Qi sunlight readable displays. The company’s notebooks and tabletsĀ are aimed at customers willing to pay a premium price for a screen that’s visible outdoors, including pilots and other professionals that work outdoors. This week Sol Computer started showing off its latest product — […]

French EviGroup PadPro available with Pixel Qi sunlight readable screen

French tablet maker EviGroup has a habit of making tablets with unusual features. For instance, last year the company demonstrated a tablet with head-tracking capabilities. Now EviGroup is offering a tablet with an optional Pixel Qi sunlight viewable disable. The EviGroup PadPro is a tablet with a 10.2 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, a […]

Orchard introduces Toughlet rugged tablet with sunlight viewable display

Orchard has introduced a new rugged tablet designed for outdoor use. It has a 7 inch Pixel Qi display which can function as a full color LCD display or a high contrast (nearly black and white) sunlight viewable display when the backlight is turned off. The current model has a 1.2 GHz Freescale iMX5 ARM […]