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Lilbits: HTC’s affordable VR headset, another way to install Windows 11, and even more Pixel 6 leaks

Just when you thought there was nothing left to leak, even more Google Pixel 6 information is making the rounds: Google may launch “Pixel Pass” along with the phone, giving customers a chance to bundle their monthly phone payments with other Google services including YouTube Premium, Google One Storage, and Google Play Pass. An extended […]

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Lilbits: Pixel 6 revealed (in even more details), ScummVM turns 20, and Walmart’s 4K media streamer drops to $20

Google is officially launching the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on October 19th. But thanks to a series of recent leaks, there’s not much mystery surrounding the phones. While official pricing details may have to wait, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect unofficially. And now thanks to a few more […]

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Pixel 6 price, features, and accessories leaked ahead of Oct 19 launch

Google is set to officially launch the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones on October 19th, but the company has already given us some idea of what to expect from the first phones powered by a Google Tensor processor. 

Now a series of leaks are fleshing things out a bit with more details about specs, pricing, functionality, and accessories.

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Lilbits: the Pixel 6 won’t ship with a charger in the box and Samsung ditches in-app ads

When the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro arrive, they’ll be the first to ship with Google’s own Tensor processor. What they won’t be shipping with is a USB charger. The recently-launched Pixel 5a, it seems, will be the last in the line to package a charger. Google mentions a couple of reasons for the […]

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Lilbits: Android 12 Beta 4, Google Pixel 6 camera, and the Galaxy S Fold 3 S-Pen options, explained

The next version of Android ships this fall, but ahead of that launch, Google has released a series of Android 12 developer previews and betas. The latest is a “platform stability” release, meaning that while there are a few small changes since the previous release, this is a build that developers can safely use to […]

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Lilbits: Windows 365 Cloud PC pricing revealed, Logitech launches earbuds for video conferencing, and more Pixel 6 details

When Microsoft introduced Windows 365 a few weeks ago, the combined described it as a system that would let users pay a monthly fee for access to Cloud PCs that basically put your Windows computer in the cloud so you can access your apps and services from any device, even an iPhone or Android device. […]

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Lilbits: Google Pixel 6 with Tensor processor, Steam Deck, and upgrading the GPD Win Max

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are coming this fall and they’ll feature a brand new design with a large camera bar across the back of the phones and upgraded camera hardware including new sensors and lenses. But the biggest chance, Google says, is under the hood. Google’s Pixel 6 series phones will […]

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Lilbits: Windows 11’s new Start, Pixel 6 specs leaked, and Google leaves Jelly Bean behind

The upcoming Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are expected to be the first Google smartphones to ship with a Google-designed processor. According to the latest rumor, they could also be Google’s first phones that come with a promise of 5 years of software updates. Meanwhile, Microsoft is continuing to refine Windows 11 ahead of launch. […]

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Lilbits: Pixel 6 GPU details leaked, ONEXPLAYER handheld gaming PC price hike, and postmarketOS turns 4

We already know that Google’s next flagship phone could be the first device to ship with a custom processor designed by Google with help from Samsung. But now there’s evidence that the Pixel 6 will also have the same graphics processor as some recent Samsung flagships, which could make it a much more powerful option […]

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Google Pixel 6 design leaked (6.4 inch display, dual cameras, and wireless charging)

Google’s next flagship smartphone is expected to come in two versions. At first glance the upcoming Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro look a lot alike, if recent leaked renders are anything to go by. But the Pro model has a larger display with curved edges, and one extra camera. It’s possible there are other […]