Lilbits: A Tomagotchi for Hackers, Pixel 4a coming Aug 3, and iPhone 12 not coming in Sep

The Flipper Zero is an open source toy/hacker multitool designed to be a wireless button/controller, signal analyzer, RFID key card, or Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) security key, or universal remote control. It also gets its name from the animated dolphin character that “grows” as you use the device. The developers of the Flipper Zero call […]

Some Pixel 4 features are coming to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones sport some hardware upgrades including a 90 Hz display, dual rear cameras, a new face unlock system, and a radar, of all things. While there’s obviously no way to bring that hardware to older Pixel phones, some of the new¬†software features that are making their debut […]

Google doubles Pixel sales after launching the Pixel 3a mid-range smartphone

Google’s Pixel smartphones get a lot of attention from the tech press, since they’re first-party hardware from the company that makes the world’s most widely-used smartphone operating system. But Google has never actually cracked any list of top smartphone makers in terms of units shipped or sold, suggesting that Pixel smartphones haven’t made much of […]

Google unveils Pixel 3a smartphones, priced at $399 and up

As expected, Google is launching a line of mid-range phones with many of the same features available on the company’s Pixel flagships. The¬†Google Pixel 3a is available starting today for $399 and up. While the phones lack some of the premium design features of their pricier siblings, they have the same high-quality cameras, unlimited Google […]

Lilbits 357: Pixel themes could make (Google’s) Android phones more customizable

The next major version of Android won’t be ready for the general public until this fall, and given how long it takes most smartphone makers to release OTA updates or ship new phones with the latest version of Android, it could be another year or two before you’re likely to get it. But Google is […]