More details on the $25 PineTime smartwatch (launching in H1, 2020)

The PineTime is an upcoming smartwatch that’s designed to be a companion for Linux smartphones like the upcoming PinePhone. Unlike most smartwatches, it’s designed to run free and open source software. And it’s also dirt cheap — the starting price of a PineTime watch, charging cradle, and wristband is expected to be about $25. The […]

PinePhone begins shipping to developers this month ($150 Linux smartphone)

There are several companies working to bring smartphones running free and open source, GNU/Linux-based software to market this year. The PinePhone is likely to be the cheapest… and one of the first to ship. At the start of the year, Pine64 announced plans to build a $150 smartphone, and they’ve been releasing status updates throughout […]

The $149 PinePhone Linux smartphone will support modular add-ons

The upcoming PinePhone is expected to be an inexpensive, but versatile smartphone designed to run GNU/Linux operating systems. Yesterday we took a look at some of the operating systems that are already being ported to run on the PinePhone. But it looks like the software isn’t the only thing that’s actively under development. Pine64 has […]

PinePhone $149 Linux smartphone could support Ubuntu, Sailfish, Maemo, LuneOS and more

The PinePhone is a cheap, Linux-ready smartphone that’s expected to ship in limited quantities later this year. It’s not exactly a high-power device by modern smartphone standards, but with an expected starting price of $149, it will be a lot more affordable than some of the other Linux phones on the horizon. It’s also starting […]

First look at the PinePhone dev kit running KDE Plasma Mobile & PostmarketOS

The folks at Pine64 are working on a Linux-powered smartphone that could sell for as little as $149. It’s called the PinePhone, and the team unveiled the project and launched a development kit earlier this year. Now that developers are starting to work with that pre-release hardware, we’re getting our first look at what the […]

PinePhone Linux smartphone to sell for $149, dev kits coming soon

The smartphone world is basically a duopoly at the moment. Android is the dominant operating system and iOS comes in a distant second place, while competing platforms such as Windows, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, FireFox OS have largely been abandoned. There are still a few holdouts — Jolla continues to develop its Sailfish OS, but its […]