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Fedora Mobility wants to bring the Linux distro to smartphones

Earlier this year one Fedora user released an unofficial script for building a version of the popular desktop Linux distribution that could run on the PinePhone. Now things are starting to look a little more official. Fedora Infrastructure Lead Kevin Fenzi made an announcement in the Fedora mailing list recently that the team is reviving […]

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Lilbits: DSL conundrum, Pixel 2 EOL, and a $6K Android camera

My first broadband internet connection was DSL. After years of dialup, the ability to surf the web with speeds measured in MB rather than KB per second felt like living in the future. But these days DSL is aging technology that’s been largely left behind by the proliferation of cable, fiber, and cellular technologies that […]

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How to install apps in postmarketOS (with Phosh shell)

PostmarketOS is an operating system based on Alpine Linux which is designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It can at least boot on over 200 devices, and it supports a number of different user interfaces. The PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition is one of the first smartphones that actually ships with the […]

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Lilbits: PinePhone unboxing, Purism launches an MVNO, and more Pixel and Chromecast details

The PinePhone is one of the first smartphones designed specifically for open source software enthusiasts. It’s an affordable phone with a starting price of $150 that ships with a GNU/Linux distribution pre-installed, but which can also boot from a microSD card if you want to try a different operating system (or 13) before deciding whether […]

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PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition: Unboxing and first look (video)

The PinePhone is an inexpensive smartphone designed to run free and open source operating systems including postmarketOS, Ubuntu Touch, Mobian, Sailfish, and Manjaro. Pine64 began shipping the first version of the phone at the start of this year, and since then the company has offered several additional batches of phones, often involving “Community Edition” versions […]

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PinePhone news roundup (9-25-2020)

The PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition smartphone is coming soon, the developers have been working to make Manjaro ARM ready for smartphones, and @linmobblog has recorded a few videos showing the OS in action so far. Meanwhile developer Martijn Braam has been hard at work on the new Megapixels app for PinePhones, enabling support for much […]

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Lilbits: KDE Plasma 5.20, Royole FlexPai 2, and Sony Xperia 5 II

Sony’s latest smartphone packs a 120 Hz OLED display, three rear cameras with Zeiss optics, and support for slow-motion HDR video capture, among other camera tricks. The Sony Xperia 5 II also packs a $950 price tag, because flagships are expensive these days. At least it has a headphone jack. If you’re looking for something […]