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Lilbits: Abxylute handheld game streaming console, Star64 RISC-V single-board computer

Abxylute’s upcoming handheld game system is expected to hit Kickstarter soon and backers will have a chance to reserve one for as little as $200 during crowdfunding. While the Android-powered device’s specs aren’t as powerful as some other recent handhelds we’ve seen, the display, controllers, and build quality look decent… and that might be all […]

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PinePhone keyboard now available (Wireless charging, fingerprint, and LoRa cases too)

The PinePhone is an inexpensive Linux-friendly smartphone with a $150 starting price. And now you can turn it into a tiny Linux laptop thanks to a $50 keyboard accessory. It’s one of four new PinePhone accessories that are now available from the Pine Store. In addition to being able to run mobile Linux distributions, the […]

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Linux Smartphone News Roundup: PinePhone Keyboard, PinePhone eMMC speed hack, and more

Pine64 has been working on an official keyboard accessory for the PinePhone for most of the year. It’s gone through multiple hardware revisions in that time, but it’s finally almost ready to ship and you’ll be able to order for $50 starting next month. For that price, you can effectively turn Pine64’s Linux-friendly smartphone into a […]

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Linux Smartphone News Roundup: New postmarketOS, Manjaro, Nemo, and Sailfish OS builds, Phosh 0.14, and more

There’s been a lot of activity in the mobile Linux space recently, and it’s been a while since I’ve done a Linux Smartphone News Roundup, so let’s take a look at some recent developments from the folks working to make free and open source software alternatives to Android and iOS. Phosh 0.14 released [Phosh] Phosh […]

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Lilbits: Google’s 2nd-gen Tensor chip, PinePhone Keyboard, and Amazon Kindle for $50

  Disclosure: Some links on this page are monetized by the Skimlinks, Amazon, Rakuten Advertising, and eBay, affiliate programs. Amazon’s entry-level Kindle is on sale for $50 today, which is the lowest price to date for Amazon’s eReader with a front-lit E Ink display. And the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for […]

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Pine64 news roundup: PinePhone Keyboard goes on sale in September, Ubuntu Touch 20.04 is coming, visual voicemail arrives, PineNote E Ink tablet revealed

The PinePhone Keyboard is an accessory that essentially turns Pine64’s inexpensive Linux smartphone into a tiny Linux laptop. It’s been under development since last year, and you’ll be able to order one soon – Pine64 has announced that the hardware and firmware has been finalized, and the PinePhone Keyboard will go on sale in late […]

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News roundup: PinePhone keyboard, mainline Linux kernel, and Waydroid

Development of the PinePhone keyboard has just about wrapped up, and this accessory for the $150 Linux-friendly phone should be available soon for around $50. The hardware has been finalized and sent out to a number of folks for testing, and megi has created open source firmware for the keyboard that will be loaded at […]

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PinePhone Keyboard will ship with open source firmware (coming soon)

The official PinePhone Keyboard has been in development for months, and now it’s almost ready to go. In the Pine64 July 2021 Update, Lukasz Erecinski notes that the hardware design is just about finalized, and thanks to Megi’s work with a pre-production prototype, the PinePhone Keyboard will ship with “fully open” firmware. The keyboard could […]

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News Roundup: Hardware-accelerated video on the PinePhone, themes on the Librem 5

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Linux phone space (and a busy few weeks outside of it, which is why I haven’t had time to write much – but follow @linuxsmartphone on Twitter for more timely updates). Here’s a roundup of some recent news. Phosh 0.12.0 released [Purism] Updates to this open source, […]