Lilbits: Computing convergence, another streaming platform, and DDR5

It’s been 7 years since Canonical failed to raise meet its crowdfunding goals for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone that was supposed to be a phone you could also use as a desktop computer thanks to “convergence,” which is a fancy way of saying you could plug in a keyboard, mouse, and display and use it like […]

PineTab Linux tablet goes up for pre-order this month for $100

The next inexpensive, Linux-friendly device from Pine64 is coming soon. The company already sells a $100 PineBook laptop and a $200 PineBook Pro. Early batches of the $150 PinePhone are available for customers willing to invest in beta hardware. And now Pine64 says it’ll begin taking pre-orders for its $100 PineTab Linux tablet later this […]

Pinebook Pro update: The $199 Linux laptop is almost ready to go

After unveiling plans to launch a $199 Linux laptop with a Rockchip RK3399 processor earlier this year, the folks at Pine64 have been hard at work designing the hardware and software for the upcoming Pinebook Pro. Now the team has posted a YouTube video showing off the latest prototype, and demonstrating that it has improved […]

Openbook is (yet another) crowdfunded laptop dock for Android phones

Today’s smartphones do a lot of the things that yesterday’s laptop computers did. You can use a phone for email, web surfing, gaming, and web browsing, among other things. But some activities, like viewing and editing documents can be easier on a device with a large display and full-sized keyboard. Over the past few years […]

Pinebook Linux laptop is ready to ship for $89 and up (plus shipping)

The Pinebook is a cheap, low-power laptop with an ARM-based processor. First unveiled in November, the Pinebook comes from the makers of the Pine A64 single-board computer and it uses the same processor as that tiny desktop. Now the company is getting ready to begin shipping laptops to customers. Prices start at $89 for a […]

Pre-release Pinebook spotted in the wild ($89 Linux laptop)

Late last year Pine64 unveiled plans to release a cheap Linux laptop with a starting price of $89. While the Pinebook isn’t available for purchase yet, it looks like some developers have gotten their hands on pre-release versions of the laptop. As spotted by, some real-world photos have been posted to the Linux Sunxi […]