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Intel officially unveils Atom N435 chip for low cost netbooks

Intel has officially introduced a new low power Atom N435 processor for budget netbooks. Intel’s announcement comes a few days after we started seeing mini-laptops with the chip including the Asus Eee PC X101 $200 netbook and a new version of the Lenovo IdeaPad S100. PC World reports that Acer will also offer a netbook […]

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Samsung Go netbook updated, given the Pine Trail treatment

Samsung appears to have launched an updated version of the Samsung Go netbook. The new version looks identical to the original Samsung N310 and has the same rubberized case and chiclet-style keyboard that I loved so much when I reviewed the laptop last year. But the updated Go has a shiny new 1.66GHz Intel Atom […]

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Intel launches next-generation Classmate PC netbook

Intel has been pumping out a Classmate PC reference design since early 2008. These netbooks are the company’s response to the OLPC XO Laptop, and are designed as durable, relatively low cost machines that are ideal for classroom settings. The earliest models weren’t all that exciting, but over the years Intel has spruced things up […]

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Gigabyte T1000 convertible netbook with Pine Trail CPU coming soon

Taiwanese PC maker Gigabyte briefly added a product page to its web site for a new convertible tablet-stylenetbook called the T1000 today. And then it removed the page. Fortunately, you can still see Google’s cached version of the page. The Gigabyte T1000 looks like an upgraded version of the Gigabyte T1028X TouchNote. Like the TouchNote […]

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The Pine Trail nettops are coming soon… along with NVIDIA ION 2

Over the past month or so we’ve seen a number of PC makers introduce new netbooks with Intel’s latest Atom N450 Pine Trail processors. But what about the desktop equivalents? Asus, MSI, ASRock, Zotac, Shuttle, and a number of other nettop makers are still selling mini-desktop PCs with Intel Atom 230 and 330 processors which […]

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Jolicloud netbook OS working on Pine Trail, VIA C7-M support

The folks at Jolicloud are pretty serious about making sure that their netbook-centric operating system works on every mini-laptop on the market. The team already has an impressive list of compatible devices. And it’s about to grow longer. Jolicloud posted a message on Twitter this morning indicating that the developers are working on compatibility with […]