Android 11 to bring support for resizable picture-in-picture mode (among other things)

Google brought picture-in-picture support to Android starting with Android 8.0. This lets you, for example, keep watching a YouTube video in a small screen while you navigate away from the YouTube app and open the home screen or other apps. Up until now, you could move that picture-in-picture window around… but you couldn’t change its […]

YouTube’s Android app brings picture-in-picture to everyone (running Android Oreo or later… in the US)

YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode lets you start watching a video and then keep watching when you switch to another app by shrinking the video to a small window in the lower right corner of your screen (but you can move the window anywhere on your phone’s screen if another position is more convenient. Up until recently, […]

Skype for Android tablets shrinks the video window, runs on top of other apps

Skype has added picture-in-picture mode to its Android tablet app. That means you can start a video call, shrink the video window and keep an eye on it even while you’re running other apps. You can surf the web, check a calendar appointment, or even play a game without exiting your video call. Skype 4.5 […]