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Now you can buy a smartwatch with a projector (in China)

Smartwatches tend to have pretty small screens, because it’d look silly strapping a device with a 3 inch display to your wrist. But sometimes a 1.5 inch display just isn’t good enough. So Chinese company Asu has decided to pack a tiny projector into a smartwatch. The Asu Cast 1 is an Android-powered smartwatch with […]

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Closer look at the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Stack line of accessories are a series of modules that you can stack on top of one another, allowing you to connect everything to a PC with a single cable. Last year the company launched the first few modules including a speaker and power bank. This year Lenovo is expanding the lineup with a […]

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Lenovo Smart Cast: Smartphone with built-in projector (concept)

Lenovo has revealed a concept for a new smartphone with a built-in projector. It’s called the Lenovo Smart Cast, and not only would it let you beam content from your phone, but it would include sensors that let you interact with that content. For example, you could set up the phone to project a virtual display […]

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Lenovo Pocket Projector is a $249 projector… that fits in your pocket

Lenovo is entering the pico projector space with a tiny model that’s designed to work with phones or tablets running Android 4.3 or later. The Lenovo Pocket Projector will be available globally in May for $249. The little projector measures just 4.1″ x 3.9″ x 1″ and weighs less than 6 ounces. It has a lens […]

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Beam is an Android PC + projector that fits in a light socket (crowdfunding)

Take the guts of a cheap Android phone, subtract a screen and add a pico projector and you’ve got a tiny PC you can use to watch movies, surf the web, or play games on just about any surface in your house. We’ve seen a few devices like this recently from companies including ZTE and Aiptek. […]

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Celluon’s PicoPro projector coming soon for $350 and up

Celluon’s new lightweight portable projector, the PicoPro, is a pocket-sized, high-resolution projector that was first unveiled at CES 2015. It should be available soon for $350 and up. The device projects HD images in 1920 x 720p using red, yellow, and blue lasers as opposed to traditional LED lighting. The company claims it supports an 80,000:1 […]

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DLP Android Pico Projector available to ship to the U.S.

A new Android-based mini projector showed up on the FCC recently The digital projector from Mego Optoeletronics runs on Android 4.2 with built-in Wi-Fi has already been on sale for a while via import resellers such as AliExpress and eBay for about $300 – $330. The pico projector offers playback of PDFs, photos, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, […]

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Aiptek ProjectorPad P70: A 7 inch tablet with a projector

Aiptek’s ProjectorPad P70 is an Android tablet with a built-in projector which you can use to shine movies, pictures, or presentations (among other things) on a screen or wall. As a tablet, the P70 has pretty modest specs. But it’s one of the few tablets I’ve seen to feature a built-in projector… albeit a low […]

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TouchPico: Pocket-sized device projects Android onto any wall (crowdfunding)

Looking for a portable projector that lets you stream videos, PowerPoint presentations, or other content onto a wall… without connecting to a computer? TouchPico is a tiny projector that runs Google Android, allowing you to project just about anything that you’d see on your phone onto a screen or wall. It can beam an 80 inch […]

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Alcatel One Touch introduces pico projector smartphone dock

Alcatel One Touch is just full of surprising smartphone accessories this week. The company recently started showing off the Alcatel One Touch Hero smartphone with an optional E Ink case that lets you read eBooks, view lock screen widgets, or see other content when the primary display is off. Now the company is also showing […]