Oh no no, Panono (crowdfunded throwable camera starts charging for every photo)

After raising over a million dollars during a crowdfunding campaign, the makers of the Panono throwable camera began shipping their oddball device in 2014. Now, five years later, the company has started charging users about 88 cents for every photo. Unsurprisingly, the move is catching customers off-guard… although I can’t help but wonder if it […]

Google releases Gallery Go: a lightweight, offline version of Google Photos

Google Photos has become immensely popular over the past four years, having recently crossed the billion-user line. The service lets you automatically back up your photos to the cloud, where they’re automatically organized and made searchable. You can also use Google’s tools to edit and share your photos with others. Now Google is bringing many […]

Microsoft Xim beams your photo slideshows to multiple phones at once

Microsoft has released a new tool that lets you choose photos from your phone to create a slideshow that you can share with friends. There are a few special things about the slideshows you make with the Microsoft Xim app. First, everyone viewing the slideshow on their mobile phone will see the same pictures at […]

New Google+ browser-based photo enhancement tools roll out today

At Google I/O today the company announced several updates and enhancements to Google+, including a bunch around photos. Now when you upload images to the social network you’ll get access to a bunch of tools for enhancing them as well as more space for full size storage. It’s not as extensive as Photoshop or even […]

Photo Shoot: Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and U150 thin and light laptops

The Lenovo IdeaPad S12 and IdeaPad U150 are a lot alike. They’re both thin and light laptops that weigh about 3.1 pounds or less. They both have high resolution displays and full sized keyboards, as well as touchpads that feature distinct left and right buttons.And they’re both relatively affordable, with IdeaPad S12 prices starting at […]