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Mudita Pure minimalist E Ink phone is coming soon and its OS was just open sourced

The Mudita Pure is a simple phone with a 2.84 inch E Ink display, a number pad, and an emphasis on the “phone” part of smartphone, although it also supports a handful of apps including a calendar, calculator, notes, alarm clock, music player, and voice recorder. Under development for the past few years, the phone […]

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Punkt MP02 voice phone now supports encrypted Signal calls and text messages

The Punkt MP02 is a $349 cellphone with an emphasis on simplicity. It has a 2 inch black and white display, a numeric keypad, and an emphasis on phone calls and text messages. First released in 2018, the phone has some modern features that set it apart from old-school dumb phones, including support for 4G […]

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4G rotary cellphone coming this fall (or build your own DIY 3G model now)

Earlier this year Justine Haupt showed off a Rotary Cellphone designed for making phone calls and not much else. With a retro-style 10-digit dialer, a few speed-dial buttons, LED lights, and a small ePaper display for showing missed calls or contact info, the phone is a response to the do-everything approach of modern smartphones. Haupt […]

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This DIY Rotary Cellphone is a real thing that makes phone calls (but not much more)

Not every new cellphone has a 6+ inch display, an amazing camera or… a touchscreen display. Justine Haupt’s Rotary Cellphone puts some decidedly old-school tech into a modern mobile device that’s pocket-sized, capable of making phone calls, and which gets all-day battery life. Instead of a touchscreen though, it has a 10-digit dialer plus a […]

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MAKERPhone is a $99 DIY, hacker-friendly phone (crowdfunding)

Some of the best smartphones on the market today have price tags in the $1,000 range. The MAKERphone costs just one tenth as much… but that’s only part of the selling point for this crowdfunded cellphone. It’s a DIY phone that comes as a kit that you assemble. It’s programmable, allowing you to code your […]

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Kyocera KY-O1L is a phone with a 2.8 inch ePaper display (for Japan)

A handful of phone makers have released dual-screen devices with color screens on one side and monochrome E Ink displays on the other. Kyocera’s latest phone goes all in on the black and white screen. The KY-O1L is a tiny phone with a 2.8 inch, 480 x 600 pixel electronic paper display. The whole phone measures […]

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Android gets cheaper: Meet the $100 quad-core phone, $59 dual-core tablet

There are a lot of very cheap Android phones and tablets out there… but a lot of them have pretty awful hardware. If the Hisense Sero 7 Pro shows us anything though, it’s that the cost of good hardware is falling rapidly. These days you can pick up one of the best 7 inch Android tablets […]