Phoenix hits $35,000 goal to bring Android apps to webOS on the HP TouchPad

Want to run Android apps on an HP TouchPad tablet, but don’t want to actually go so far as to install Android? The folks at Phoenix International Communications have been working on porting OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) to the platform so that you can run Android apps without leaving webOS. To finish the work, […]

HP TouchPad could eventually run Android apps without leaving webOS (Kickstarter)

HP discontinued the HP TouchPad tablet nearly two years ago — just a few months after launching the 9.7 inch tablet running webOS software. The company also stopped making webOS hardware and started the process of converting webOS to an open source project and eventually selling it to LG for use on televisions. While that […]

Phoenix Devices gets Open webOS to run as an Android app

Since HP released the source code for Open webOS, we’ve seen developers port the operating system to run on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and other devices such as the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. But one day you may be able to run Open webOS on your Android phone or tablet without even rebooting. The folks […]

Could webOS live on as an Android app? Phoenix Devices is working on it

Now that HP has released the source code for the open webOS, we’re starting to see developers port the not-quite-abandoned operating system to run on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Asus Transformer Prime tablet. But just because you want to run webOS doesn’t mean you have to erase all traces […]

Old HP TouchPad learns new tricks with webOS Community Edition

The HP TouchPad tablet and Pre and Veer phones were the last devices to ship with HP’s webOS software. So when HP canceled those products last year, it’s no surprise that the pace of development for webOS slowed to a crawl. Sure, HP released a couple of software patches, and a handful of developers released […]