As Remix OS fades away, Phoenix OS keeps Android-as-desktop OS alive with v2.1.0 release

Jide may be pulling the plug on the consumer version of its Remix OS Android-as-a-desktop operating system project. But the rival team behind Phoenix OS is still hard at work. After releasing Phoenix OS 2.0 earlier this year, the team has pushed out a second version of Phoenix OS based on Android 7.1 Nougat. Phoenix […]

Phoenix hits $35,000 goal to bring Android apps to webOS on the HP TouchPad

Want to run Android apps on an HP TouchPad tablet, but don’t want to actually go so far as to install Android? The folks at Phoenix International Communications have been working on porting OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) to the platform so that you can run Android apps without leaving webOS. To finish the work, […]

HP TouchPad could eventually run Android apps without leaving webOS (Kickstarter)

HP discontinued the HP TouchPad tablet nearly two years ago — just a few months after launching the 9.7 inch tablet running webOS software. The company also stopped making webOS hardware and started the process of converting webOS to an open source project and eventually selling it to LG for use on televisions. While that […]

Forget instant-on operating systems, what about instant-on BIOS files?

There’s been a lot of talk over the last year or so about “instant on” operating systems for netbooks and laptops. The idea is that instead of using the sleep and resume functions on a full operating system like Windows, you can boot a quick-start environment like Splashtop or Hyperspace in just a few seconds […]

Intel to bundle Phoenix HyperSpace software with Atom desktop boards

I’m still not sold on “instant on” operating environments like DeviceVM’s Splashtop and Phoenix HyperSpace. First of all, on low power machines like netbooks, it can easily take 15 seconds or longer to load the software. If you could have held on another 30 seconds you could have booted Windows XP. But more importantly, when […]