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Acer introduces mid-range 5.7 inch Liquid S1 smartphone

Acer may be bringing the smallest Windows 8 tablet to market this year, but apparently the company doesn’t always believe smaller is better. Acer’s new Liquid S1 is a smartphone with a 5.7 inch display, and it’s aimed at folks looking for something between a smartphone and a tablet. The Acer Liquid S1 has a […]

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H7000 is a $190 7 inch Android smartphone, or a tablet that makes calls

Asus doesn’t have the market cornered on smartphones with 7 inch screens. A new Chinese phone called the H7000 is about the same size and shape as the Asus Fonepad. And like the Fonepad you can use the H7000 as a mobile tablet… or you can use it to make phone calls. While Asus doesn’t […]

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Allwinner launches quad-core A31s CPU for phablets

Chinese chip maker Allwinner is launching a new quad-core processor aimed at tablets with 5 to 7 inch displays and cellular capabilities. For reasons that are beyond my control, people seem to like to call these things phablets, and it looks like allwinner wants in on the growing space. The company’s new Allwinner A31s processor […]

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Canonical offers guide for porting Ubuntu Touch to run on most Android devices

The Samsung Galaxy S III may not be the only non-Nexus phone running Ubuntu Touch Preview for long. Canonical has posted instructions for porting Ubuntu Touch to run on pretty much any Android phone or tablet. It turns out the process is pretty straightforward: Because most of the hard work has already been done by […]