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Lilbits 341: You can still install Google Play on the latest Fire Tablets

Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 tablet went up for pre-order about a month ago and started shipping today… and of course the first thing some folks did was try to figure out if you could install the Google Play Store on the tablet. You can. While Amazon’s tablets ship with an operating system called Fire […]

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Santa delivered an awful lot of tablets, eReaders in December

Tablets and eBook readers may have grabbed a lot of headlines in 2011, but it looks like sales of the devices may have really taken off during the holiday season. The Pew Research Center has conducted surveys over the last few years to see how many people in America have eReaders and tablets — and […]

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Study: Tablet users read news, don’t necessarily pay for it

There’s been a lot of talk about tablets such as the Apple iPad and Android tablets saving the news industry. Apple incorporated a Newsstand into iOS 5, which lets customers subscribe to digital magazines and newspapers and keep them organized. Zinio and other companies have created periodical stores for tablets. And a number of publications […]