Brydge’s 2020 accessory lineup includes an iPad trackpad, Surface keyboards, and more

Brydge offers a range of accessories for Apple, Microsoft, and Google devices including tablet keyboards, laptop cases, and docking stations. This year the company plans to bring a number of peripherals to market for the latest iPads, Surface products, and more. If you’re looking to turn an iPad Pro or Surface Pro into a pseudo-laptop, […]

Windows RT supports 420 million peripherals (printers, displays, keyboards, etc)

Microsoft is launching two new operating systems tomorrow: Windows 8 and Windows RT. The first is designed to run on computers with x86 processor and includes support for most apps designed for Windows 7 and earlier. The second looks like Windows 8, but it’s designed to run on tablets and other devices with ARM-based processors. That […]

Logitech Unifying Receiver could give Bluetooth a run for the money

If you’ve got a Bluetooth enabled netbook, you can plug in a number of wireless devices including keyboards, mice, headphones, and whatnot. But that means futzing with Bluetooth software to configure everything correctly, and that can be a real hassle sometimes. While wireless USB is expected to shake things up any day now, Logitech has […]