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Lilbits: Microsoft consolidates its PC accessory brands, Qualcomm unveils new upscaling tech for mobile devices, and reMarkable tablets adds support for typing… bold and italicized text

Today Nikkei Asia reported that Microsoft was cutting back on production of accessories like keyboards, mice, and pens for its Surface products. But Microsoft has issued a statement to several tech news sites indicating that what’s actually happening is that the company is consolidating its Microsoft and Surface-branded peripherals. The company has a long history […]

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This $389 mechanical keyboard has a 12.6 inch touchscreen display built-in

At first glance it’d be easy to mistake the Ficihip multifunction mechanical keyboard for a full-fledged PC (or cyberdeck). But it’s really more of an all-in-one PC accessory featuring a mechanical keyboard and a built-in touchscreen display. Hook it up to a computer and you get extra screen space and support for keyboard and touch input. […]

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Lilbits: Fry’s goes out of business, HP buys HyperX

HP sells a line of gaming PCs under the HP Omen brand and the company also has a handful of Omen-branded gaming peripherals including mice, keyboards, headsets, and monitors. But the company is making a major investment in expanding its gaming accessory lineup – HP has announced plans to acquire PC and console gaming peripheral […]

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Brydge’s 2020 accessory lineup includes an iPad trackpad, Surface keyboards, and more

Brydge offers a range of accessories for Apple, Microsoft, and Google devices including tablet keyboards, laptop cases, and docking stations. This year the company plans to bring a number of peripherals to market for the latest iPads, Surface products, and more. If you’re looking to turn an iPad Pro or Surface Pro into a pseudo-laptop, […]

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Windows RT supports 420 million peripherals (printers, displays, keyboards, etc)

Microsoft is launching two new operating systems tomorrow: Windows 8 and Windows RT. The first is designed to run on computers with x86 processor and includes support for most apps designed for Windows 7 and earlier. The second looks like Windows 8, but it’s designed to run on tablets and other devices with ARM-based processors. That […]

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Logitech Unifying Receiver could give Bluetooth a run for the money

If you’ve got a Bluetooth enabled netbook, you can plug in a number of wireless devices including keyboards, mice, headphones, and whatnot. But that means futzing with Bluetooth software to configure everything correctly, and that can be a real hassle sometimes. While wireless USB is expected to shake things up any day now, Logitech has […]